Buffy Re-watch

So, a lot has been written about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Many volumey texts, much insightful theory and commentary. Last week was no exception, when on the 20th anniversary of Buffy’s first TV airing, the show quite rightly received a lot of attention and acclaim. Some of my favourites were Lizo Mzimba noting Buffy’s lasting influence on TV and film, Russell Dornan making fascinating connections between Buffy and the Wellcome Collection and stars of the show including Anthony Stewart Head and Felicia Day contributing to the discussion of Buffy’s lasting legacy. So I am left wondering, several days late to the party, shoddy as usual, is there anything left to say? Well who am I kidding, of course there is; there is always more to say about Buffy.

I want to go back to the beginning, and then all the way to the end again. When I look back to the first time I watched Buffy, 20 years ago… er, well no, big fib, because first of all I live in England, and so we didn’t get it till at least 1998 … and then, well I will be honest, I didn’t really notice it. I didn’t watch much TV back then, with a small grainy black and white TV that for some reason only picked up two of the four available channels, we mostly made our own entertainment in our basement bedsits back then… I have a vague memory of seeing some parts of an episode of Buffy in the background while on the phone to a friend, I think it was I Robot, You Jane, but I may be mistaken. I will be honest, my lack of attention and the tiny screen did not give the show the justice it deserved.

1998 me – “A demon in the internet you say? what’s the internet?”

It was not till a few years later when visiting a friend who said, “You will like this”, that I sat down and watched a full episode as it aired in the UK. That was Hush, so wow, I was more than impressed. Wanting to pick up there, I also wanted to find out who all these characters were and how they had got to this point. So I headed off to the local Woolworths (ah, nostalgia), and bought some clunky video box sets of the first few seasons to binge watch. I was soon caught up and anxiously awaited the new releases of new seasons which seemed to take forever to get over to us in Blighty… For the next few years I became just a little obsessed with Buffy, organising “Buffy nights”, asking friends to nominate their favourite episodes and bring episode themed snacks, (we always ended up with too many cheese slices). I got not a little shirty when people chatted during the episodes or didn’t take the episode order seriously. I also worked my way through a marathon quiz of Buffy trivia during my maternity leave, determined to get to the top of the leader board.

It’s ok I brought snacks.

But I digress, yes, so to go back to the beginning, I have decided to celebrate the anniversary, not by just re-watching Once More with Feeling for the gazillionth time and singing along with wild abandon, but to re-watch the whole damn show and to tell you all about it as I do. I’ll be trying to fit this in between my various other Work at Home Mum “projects”, so who knows, maybe I will stretch to two episodes a week if I am extra industrious.

To be continued.

Text ©Angela S

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