Quick guide to Buffy and Angel comics and other news

Some news for y’all. I want to branch out and write on subjects broader than vampire fiction and have started blogging at readinginspiration.com

Here’s a vampire fiction related post from over there. I have often heard from fans who would like get into the Buffy and Angel comics but don’t know where to start, so I thought a quick guide of the comics since the shows ended could help a lot of people out.

With several different runs with different titles it can be confusing to pick up on the reading order. The comics have included returns from many great characters from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel shows. Particularly awesome have been several Faith centred episodes within Buffy Season 8. To me it was then an inspired turn to run two seasons of comics titled Angel and Faith, and I am just a bit sad that’s not now continuing.

Angel and Faith Season 10 cover

My comics guide sits along with other content on books and reading so feel free to go and have a look to get the full listings of post TV Buffyverse comics.

I’ll occasionally be blogging about vampire related stuff there, but don’t worry I will also keep up my Buffy re-watch and other vampire thoughts over here on Vampires These Days.


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