Buffy season 11 episode 9 - Willow - much better

Buffy keeps coming back and I keep coming back to Buffy

When you are aware of something you see it all around you. Thinking about a holiday? Holiday adverts will jump up around you on the streets. Do just a little bit of dusting and then see dust everywhere.

It’s been like that with Buffy the Vampire Slayer for me this last week.

First I got the latest Buffy comic episode (Season 11, number 9). Avoiding mentioning spoilers I will just say that it was a relief to see Buffy regain a few things that she had given up.

Buffy Season 11 Number 9 cover

Next the handle of my old faithful Buffy mug – from a chocolate Easter pack released many years ago – broke off. The mug is going nowhere, I am reusing it as a pen pot. Reduce Re-use Recycle folks!

Buffy Mug / pen pot

And then delivered to me today, a brand new Buffy mug, this one Giles and Anya’s Magic Box themed. It was a surprise Gift from my sister which reminds me of another time when Buffy went away and came back. Get the reference?!

Giles and Anya's Magic Box Mug - Buffy

Apologies, I am feeling a bit silly today. I think it is from being over excited after attending a Lego event. I loved Lego as a child, and since I became a parent that enthusiasm has come right back to me. So it was very exciting to spend a day browsing Lego stalls, looking at amazing builds by fans and collectors, taking part in huge builds and generally celebrating the little building bricks. Sadly, Lego has never released any Buffy official figures. But look what I found on an independent custom figure maker store …

Yes, Buffy keeps coming back to me…


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