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Buffy re-watch: Teacher’s Pet, what have we learned?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 4: Teacher’s Pet is not known as one of the strongest of Buffy episode, but it has it’s moments. Spoilers? Count on it.

Buffy’s dreams – usually prophetic – often feature in Buffy. Alternatively Teacher’s Pet opens with a dream by Xander, in which he saves Buffy from a vampire, she is grateful, attracted to him and he plays a guitar solo. He wakes to Buffy saying, “you’re drooling”, as he has nodded off in Biology class. Continue reading

Buffy Re-watch

So, a lot has been written about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Many volumey texts, much insightful theory and commentary. Last week was no exception, when on the 20th anniversary of Buffy’s first TV airing, the show quite rightly received a lot of attention and acclaim. Some of my favourites were Lizo Mzimba noting Buffy’s lasting influence on TV and film, Russell Dornan making fascinating connections between Buffy and the Wellcome Collection and stars of the show including Anthony Stewart Head and Felicia Day contributing to the discussion of Buffy’s lasting legacy. So I am left wondering, several days late to the party, shoddy as usual, is there anything left to say? Well who am I kidding, of course there is; there is always more to say about Buffy.

I want to go back to the beginning, and then all the way to the end again. Continue reading