Xander with Sid the Dummy - Puppet Show

Funny and creepy: Buffy’s Puppet Show’s no dead wood

My Buffy re-watch brings me to The Puppet Show, with spoilers. Like many Season 1 episodes it is often criticised. Some Buffy fans would even go so far as to say skip it. But not me. I am a firm believer that watching every episode helps in appreciating the relationships and humour between the key characters.

Ok, so this episode has a corny talking dummy, but the character’s reactions to it make it well worth the watch. When I first saw this episode I particularly loved the awkward final dramatic scene played out by Buffy, Willow and Xander. This was a moment when I thought, ok, this TV show is really on to something.

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buffy -the -vampire- slayer -the-master

School holidays, no Buffy?

In this post I digress on the joys of parenting, including doing youthful things before moving on to the burning question, what age can Buffy the Vampire Slayer be safely watched by our nerd offspring?

Yay, it’s the school holidays; a time that for parents may fill us with dread and joy, sometimes simultaneously and in equal measure. A time we may have mixed feelings about. A time which will surely have ups and downs between ice cream, days outs, boat trips, tantrums and going just plain stir crazy. For some, a time to juggle childcare with work commitments. I am fortunate to have most work confined to term time or be do-able at home, (not by accident, but by design and for obvious reasons…) Continue reading